‘That Girl is On Fire’: Kristen Shipley

One of my favorite artists is Alicia Keys. On her 2012 album ‘Girl on Fire’, Keys celebrated woman and all that we do! I am a girl on fire! I let my light shine everywhere I go, as I continue to blaze the trail for myself and those who will come after me.

I am unapologetically Black. I am a 5’9’’ Black woman with natural hair. I am in my sophomore year studying Public Relations at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. After completing my undergraduate degree, I would like to work in a company on its efforts to increase diversity, in all its forms, and then earn my MBA. 

Learn more about me by checking out my timeline.

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NC A&T Student Recounts Mass Shootings


Mariah Franklin, a sophomore Chemistry Student from Aurora, CO shared her experiences about mass shootings that occurred in her community. These include the deadly Aurora Theater shooting (July 20,2012) and the Arapahoe High School shooting (Dec. 13, 2013). Franklin lived within 15 minutes of both of these places. She knew people involved in these tragedies, and has witnessed the changes in her community because of them. She says that her community takes lockdown drills and security checks very seriously. Franklin believes that part of the solution to gun violence is more attention on mental health resources and research. The_Century_16_theater_in_Aurora_CO_-_Shooting_location.jpg

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The Road to Aggieland: My A&T Story


Making a decision on which college to attend can be difficult, but after visiting North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, I knew I wanted to attend. I fell in love with the beautiful campus, family-oriented environment, and reputable academics. A&T has opened so many doors for me.

When I graduate, I hope to give back to A&T the same way they have given to me and leave my Aggie legacy.

Click here to see my journey to the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University.

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Aggie Pride: My A&T Journey















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Major Key: The Career of Alicia Keys


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NC A&T Student Writes Original Play

Who is Nicko?

Minister. Actor. Poet. Motivator. All of these roles describe Dominique “Nicko” Williams, a sophomore Professional Theater student from Youngsville, NC. He now has three more roles to add: playwright, director and producer.

In front of an audience of about 50 students, professors and faculty in Webb Hall, Friday, March 18 Williams debuted his original show: Promised to the Movement, a two-person play highlighting the important role students played in the Civil Rights Movement.

The Inspiration

Inspired by the the history of A&T and movies like Selma and The Butler, Williams knew he wanted to write an entertaining, engaging, and informative play on the civil rights. He started writing the play over Winter Break by doing research, which he said was the hardest part.

“When I first looked up the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), I wanted to use Ella Baker as a main character,” said Williams. “She was an adult, but she had a heart for young people.”

Williams incorporated Baker as an inspirational person in the Civil Rights Movement. The play followed fictional character Lincoln Eddie James “LJ,” a young college student committed to the movement through writing. LJ documents important moments in history as he grapples with whether he is doing enough to help the cause.

“It’s about doing what we can,” said Williams. “We’ve all been given something special for a specific reason, and that’s to help others around us.”


Meet the Co-Star

Williams asked junior Professional Theatre student Danielle Tucker to co-star with him as Bobbie. The two played multiple characters, including Ella Baker, Martin Luther King Jr., and other student leaders. Using recorded sounds, props and a partition, the two advanced the story as senior Professional Theatre Student and Stage Manager April Davis helped behind the scenes.

Inspired by Lorraine Hansberry, the first Black woman to write a play on Broadway (A Raisin in the Sun), Tucker has performed in six mainstage plays at A&T and other productions.. After a month of rehearsing, she said she was excited to star alongside Williams.

“I’m really proud of Nicko for taking the initiative to write a show,” Tucker said. “He is an extremely talented writer.”

Audiences churches, colleges and high schools said they loved and have been entertained by Promised to the Movement, which Williams admits was one of his initial concerns before the show.

“The production was an innovative and well-executed depiction of important events in American history,” said sophomore Chemistry student Mariah Franklin. “Williams creatively captured emotions of activists throughout the production.”

What’s Next?

Williams plans to write more shows centered around a theme he calls “motivational theater.” He also is co-writing a musical and preparing a show on college readiness. Williams said he wants to be remembered at A&T as a student who follows God, is about his business, and knows how to have a good time.

“People often say, ‘I see you Nicko, you are going to be the next Denzel Washington or Tyler Perry,’” Williams said. “I don’t want to be anything other than the first Dominique Williams.”

Contact Dominique Williams:



IG: @dwspeaks Twitter: @dwspeaks

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President Obama Visits Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy


Anchor lead: In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy rocked the nation, causing hundreds of people their lives and damaging billions in property. As Kristen Shipley reports, President Obama visited the families in New York & New Jersey affected by the storm.

In October 2012, President Obama visited New Jersey and New York to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama met with state and local officials to create a rebuilding plan. He promised billions of dollars in federal support toward the recovery of the ravaged communities.

(Sound Bite)

Citizens from New England to North Carolina have been affected by the storm. One hundred twenty-five Americans lost their lives during Hurricane Sandy. The storm also caused $64 billion worth of damage in the United States.

For Aggie News I’m Kristen Shipley.

See more Hurricane Sandy facts here.

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